Christopher Seiple CLU, ChFC

Entering the financial services business with New England LIfe in 1991, Christopher Seiple moved on to open an independent office in 1996.  As an independent financial advisor, he offers a greater variety of investments while considering investment expenses, diversification of a portfolio, and risk management.  

There is a lot more to investing that just tacking on an investment advisory fee and suggesting the fee only rises when your portfolio grows.  Protecting assets to produce income can be a priority, estate planning concerns may also require considerations to support those you leave behind.    

Brokerage Accounts are offered through National Financial Services (NFS, LLC), to hold traditional brokerage investments with or without a management fee.

A broad knowledge of fixed and variable annuities offers an opportunity to utilize these direct investments in both qualified and non-qualified settings.  Often abrubtly disqualified, these investments have dramatically changed over time.  They often effectively transfer some risk to an insurance company while continuing to offer opportunities for growth.  When applied as a non-qualifed investment, they also offer the advantage of tax deferred investing.

Whether you are planning for the short term for current needs, or the long term so future generations respect and continue to work towards your goals; Chris Seiple will remain accessible with a consistent focus towards your long term satisfaction.

It never hurts to get a second opinion.  Chris has a relationship with a variety of financial services companies, so if he doesn't have a product or service, he most likely know a group that does.